Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)...

Belmond & Co are no longer accepting new PPI claims due to the PPI deadline on 29th August 2019. If we have already submitted a claim(s) to your lender(s), don’t worry we will continue to work on this. You will be provided with updates accordingly.

Pay Day Loan or High Cost Short Term Loan...

These loans were predominantly offered by Pay Day Loan, Home Credit and Guarantor Loan providers.

Both payday and short term loans are typically offered online and advertised as quick and easy to apply for.

Home Credit / Doorstep loan lenders use home collection via agents to offer and collect loan repayments. A lot of lenders now use mobile apps to collect monies.

Guarantor Loans is a longer term loan of 12 months or more and the lender requires a guarantor to jointly sign your loan agreement.

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