Tax Pre-Disclosure Information

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions (it’s very important you do this so you are clear about how we charge for our service).

Who we are
Belmond Tax Claims is a trading style of Belmond & Co Claims Management Limited.
Head Office: Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF
Telephone: 03300948438
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

What service do we provide
We provide a service to clients to help them determine if they are eligible to claim back tax relief from tax deducted from a successful compensation claim.

We act as the nominee for the claim and for the repayment of any tax relief due from HMRC.

What we will do for you under this agreement

  • We will ask you to read our terms and conditions and this pre-disclosure notification on our website.
  • You sign and consent to our service via our digital sign pad on our website.
  • You consent for Belmond Tax Claims to use the information provided on our website to populate an R40 tax claim form on your behalf.
  • We may contact you to verify the information provided or request new information that we require to support your claim to HMRC
  • We will communicate and obtain a response to the claim from HMRC for you. We will ask for:
    – a refund of any income tax deduction as per your tax band/ income position at the time (including use of your personal allowance or personal savings allowance);
  • We will keep you updated about the claim through the process and provide easy access to contact us if you have any queries.
  • We will process a successful offer of refund from HMRC and ask you to provide your bank details to allow us to transfer the net refund (after deducting our fee) to your designated account.


Keeping you updated
We will keep you informed of your claims progress with text messages and emails from your case handler. At any time between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday you can call our office on 03300948438 for an update or reply to any of the text messages / emails received from your case handler who will endeavour to respond quickly to any requests.

You will receive our standard updates when:
– We receive your signed authority and consent
– When we need you to send us important information for your claim
– When we have submitted your claim to HMRC
– If HMRC requests further information for your claim
– When HMRC has issued a decision about your tax refund claim
– Explain the reason why HMRC may have rejected your tax refund claim

Tax Fees & Payments
If the case is successful and you accept our fee, we will raise our invoice against the Tax refund offer HMRC issue. Our fee is charged based on the value of the tax refund that is offered.

For example,

HMRC issue a tax refund of £500.

Belmond Tax Claims invoice at 30% + VAT = £180

If HMRC send payment of the tax refund to Belmond Tax Claims they will deduct the £180 from the £500 and send the balance of £320 to you.

If HMRC send payment of the tax refund to you then you must contact Belmond Tax Claims to pay their invoice of £180.

The above fee illustration is not to be taken as an estimate of the amount likely to be recovered on your behalf. The fee that you pay may be more than or less than the illustration depending on the outcome of the claim.

Time frames
We expect HMRC to respond to the claim within 30 days. If HMRC extend their proposed service level, we will update you.

If you are offered a refund we will process the net refund (after deducting our fee) to your account within 24 hours (working days) of receipt of your designated bank details.

Cancelling your claim
You can cancel your agreement with us without charge within the 14 day cooling off period. You do not need to give us a reason why you cancelled however it us useful for our internal research and training if you are willing to share your reason.

If you terminate the agreement after 14 days Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd are entitled to charge a reasonable success fee that will reflect the work undertaken by Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd in pursuit of the claim if a reasonable offer is made to you. Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd will be entitled to claim our full fee (refer to Tax Fees & Payments).

Cancellation of any claims MUST be done in writing or by telephone and notice will only be effective when received at the following address: – Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd, Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF or email address: or via our telephone number: 03300948438.

If it is found that, following termination of the agreement, a successful claim is offered, money is recovered and that Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd was the effective cause of such settlement, Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd.’s original invoice will remain valid. The full invoice will fall due in respect of the original agreement (refer to Tax Fees & Payments).

Your rights and options
This pre-disclosure is very important to make potential clients aware of what their options are when considering a claim against HMRC using Belmond Tax Claims nominee service:

1) You can contact HMRC yourself to make a claim
2) You can contact your Accountant to make the claim on your behalf